Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features of the face. Women in Leeds can be picky when it concerns their eyebrows. People have been contouring their brows for centuries. There have been a variety of eyebrow masterpieces that women have been perfecting for years. Fifty years ago, there were not as many options as there is today. People can go to a professional to get their eyebrows done and make them appear to be real. This procedure often contains plucking, threading or waxing, arching, drawing, and colouring the eyebrows to give them a more natural or trendy look. If you are looking for a new option to create the perfect brow, there is a process called semi-permanent makeup. Semi-permanent brows are a different procedure than eyebrow tattooing.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

There is a process to go through to have semi-permanent brows. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and it is recommended to have a qualified professional do the process. This type of eyebrows treatment can last up to three years before needing to be touched up or redone again. There are many different types of eyebrows that are good candidates for this process. The technique provides a real hair brow outcome that is designed to look natural and amazing.

Three Step Process

This new innovative technique can be time-consuming and very tedious. That is why it is important to find someone in Leeds who is familiar and experienced to perform this eyebrow transformation for you. The final outcome will last up to three years before you will need to do it again. Ensure that the professional who is doing your semi-permanent eyebrows has done this before.

Drawing outline of eyebrows

The first step will take up to an hour to complete. A removable pencil will be used to draw the outline of the eyebrow shape. This is the main step and it is important for the rest of the process. The shape has to be exact before any more steps can be completed. If this part is not perfect, then it will really be visible at the end of the process.

Pain relief and eyebrow preparation

The second process after the shape is perfected to the client’s approval, the preparation begins. An anaesthetic is applied to the area to prevent any type of pain or discomfort. After the numbing medicine is applied, the antiseptic is put on the brow area. This will help ease any

discomfort and irritation. Most people who have had this process done, have not had any severe pain or reaction to the process.

Perfecting the brows.

The semi-permanent brows are perfected at this stage. You can instantly take photos of your brows once the session is complete. There are no special instructions for care or avoidance when you have this type of brow. You can touch the brows and get them wet without any worries or problems. They will feel like real eyebrows and they appear more natural.

Candidates for semi permanent eyebrows

The semi-permanent eyebrow technique can be used on people who want to fill in gaps, define the brow, create a completely new look, and fill in missing eyebrows that were plucked too much. Women who only need an arch are also good candidates for the semi-permanent brow procedure. It provides a new way for women to have the perfect brows they have always dreamed of, without a lifelong permanent solution. They will not be stuck with one look for the rest of their life, the semi-permanent gives them the freedom to change their eyebrows in the future.


The price of semi-permanent eyebrows in Leeds varies greatly. The price can vary depending on the amount of work that you want to be completed. If little work is needed, then the price will be substantially lower than a complete eyebrow makeover. The eyebrow process can be reasonable cost depending on what type of eyebrows you want to achieve.

Semi-Permanent Pen

The semi-permanent eyebrow pen can be used to fill in the brow or reshape it. The pen creates the eyebrow look and can last for days. It does easily come off with little effort. There is a contractor pen that can be used to remove the pen transformation. If you do not have the contractual pen, you can use a makeup remover. This process is good for people who just need to fill in or reshape and shade the brow. It is a good idea to practice to ensure you are comfortable using the pen.

The semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is a new and improved process that gives you perfect brows. It is not completely permanent and can be changed at any time. You can create different eyebrow appearances and looks to fit you. This is a creative process that will last a long time. If you want to change the look of your brows, it can easily be done. There are no regrets in the future because this process is not a permanent option.